Atlanta Long-Time-Liner

"It’s a great privilege for me to introduce the highest quality of semi-permanent make-up technology and products. My kind wish is to share with you the modern solution of beautiful reflection. Getting up and immediately liking what you see in the mirror-this is my aim.


Long-Time- Liner allowed me find my calling. I love what I do and I am passionate about it. The most rewarding aspect of my career has been the fact that I've helped to build the confidence of so many women I have worked with."

Natalya Khapun

Elite Linergist;

Semi-Permanent Make-Up Artist;

Image Consultant;

Licensed Aesthetician.

Our company LONG-TIME-LINER® has been established in Atlanta over 10 years and the aim is to emphasize and support natural look. The Company works with modern technologies, processes, and materials which have been developed by German experts for more than 20 years. Our certified professionals offer different services for giving you a natural and harmonious appearance.


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