Our Luxury Spa

Our Luxury Spa -imaginative and conceived with care and much taste- creates real oasis of rejuvenation and contemplation to sooth both body and soul. The carefully trained staff is offering here full palette of the most luxurious, innovative, and result driven brands, techniques and treatments. Concentrated solutions, rich actives and also captivating and elegant floral oils have been specifically chosen to ensure optimum affinity with your skin. If you are looking for total skin rejuvenation and pampering treat, if you desire having a maintenance program to suit your individual needs, look no further than our place.

Everybody is welcome to indulge in such a voluptuous luxury by appointment.


Dry classic manicure                       $25

Euro manicure                                     $25

Hot manicure                                       $32

Thermo-manicure                                $35

European "SPA" manicure                  $47

European "SPA Deluxe"

manicure  (60 min massage)               $57

Hardware manicure                             $30

Men's manicure                                   $30

Children's manicure                            $20


"Chocolate thermo Mask"                   $25 up

Thalassotherapy (sea treatment)        $25 up

SPA complex / hands skin treatment  $30 up

SPA Deluxe complex                           $35 up

Nails Polish change                             $10 up

Toes polish change                              $15 up

Nail-design                                           $15 up


Gel-polish (includes manicure)            $35 up


Bio-gel                                                 $45 up

( no damage effect to natural nail)


Gel extension                                      $55 up



Regular                                                $45

Spa deluxe ( 60 min massage )           $85

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